Research Areas in Senegal

Agriculture, Environment, and Climate Change 

Focus on issues such as agroforestry models, biodiversity, water access, native endangered species, and climate change. Joint projects to resolve conflicts that stem from balancing biodiversity and economic development needs, while addressing issues that will affect the long-term future of Senegal’s people and landscapes.

  • Project Proposal: Focus on access to clean water and health. Joint projects to expand low technology solutions to improve water access, especially water filtration systems, including the development of low-cost UV water filtration units and pre-treatment options. 
  • Project Proposal: Joint research on risks and tools related to pests and pesticides (integrated pest management), which could include creating a network of analytical laboratories for monitoring, analysis and skill-building related to human health and environmental risk assessment. 


Social and Human Science

Research could delve into topics related to history, archeology, and heritage.

  • Project Proposal: Binational study on the survivability of indigenous languages in Senegal.


Health, Biotechnology, Medicine, and Pharmaceuticals

Research on infectious and tropical diseases, cancer, public health issues, medicinal plants, nutrition, and medical fields such as pediatrics, gynecology, and obstetrics. Continue to sponsor research on living topics such as manioc toxicity and the relationship to neurological disorders and to climate change in west and central Africa.

  • Project Proposal: Joint projects to enhance local drug development capabilities; utilize mobile phones to support youth and women’s health in rural areas; develop anthelmintic drugs to fight parasitic infections; and research noncommunicable diseases. 


Sustainable Fisheries

Research regarding fresh water and marine fishing practices and fish stocks in relation to marine and river ecologies.


Adapting Ecotourism Business Models

Developing viable business models for cultural and ecotourism in Senegal, with emphasis on culturally sensitive means for developing local capacity and green business practices.


Gender Empowerment

Despite Senegal’s tradition of powerful female leadership, women remain under-represented in higher education, research, business, NGOs and the public sector. Examine and  research culturally appropriate tools for empowering women. Research to examine barriers as well as the most culturally appropriate tools for empowering women. Designing joint projects on women’s health issues. Applied research as to why women remain under-represented in higher education, research, business, NGOs and the public sector. 


Urban Planning, Sustainable Architecture and Modern Housing Issues

A practical analysis and workshop-based approach to managing urbanization, urban and rural zoning practices, and city planning.

  • Project Proposal: Examining the issues inherent in urbanization and its attendant challenges such as affordable housing, transportation, sanitation, clean water and demographic growth. Joint projects on urban design, zoning issues and landscape planning, which would also have the benefit of helping student participants become more employable for urban planning jobs.


Science, Technology and Engineering

Research on information and communication technology, oceanography, atmospheric physics, materials science, robotics, and mathematics.


Skills Building to Improve Employability and Entrepreneurial Capacity 

Focus on advancing youth employment, including by working with local partners to examine educational systems, teaching techniques and outcomes to create recommendations for educators and policymakers. Jointly-led trainings in fields such as agriculture, fisheries, communication technology, materials science and robotics.